It is necessary to prove the trustworthiness of services before employing them for your bitcoin blending. This holds true in all services offered on the internet just as same is applicable offline. In this article, we shall be looking at the top 3 oldest and most trusted services called bitcoin mixer.

The essence is to analyze those bitcoin mixing services that have been in business for some time and proven to be reliable.

Knowing the most trusted bitcoin mixers will protect you from the risk posed by the many bitcoin tumbling scams on the internet.

Even among the legitimate tumbling services for bitcoin, there are those that will not render good mixing services thereby giving you a false sense of protection.

Bearing these in mind, we shall consider the top three services that have proven their mettle in the bitcoin blending sector of the industry. 

Bitcoin mixer is one of the oldest bitcoin tumbling services. It is preferred by many users because of its unique algorithm that dissociates the coins you receive from the coins that you sent.

The service does a good job at keeping your bitcoin private. In any case that is the main reason you are mixing them in the first instance.

The first thing you’ll observe while mixing your bitcoins with this blender is the user-friendly interface. The simplicity of the design makes it easy to use.

The first time I bended with this mixer, what impressed me was the fact that you could send in coins and receive almost the equivalent value in securely mixed coins.

This is so because of the small fee charged on the platform. This is why this mixer is among the very best in the industry.

The strength of this mixer is in its growing popularity. The success of a bitcoin mixing service is directly proportional to its popularity.

When a bitcoin mixer has many clients sending it coins, it will have more coins with which to mix the bitcoins of its customers thoroughly. With thousands of clients, this is one of the most trusted mixers in the industry.

There is no limit to the amount of bitcoins you can mix with this service and the privacy of the user is secured as you are not required to submit any personal details to the service before blending.

Furthermore, the platform’s support service caters to any queries you may have before, during and after using its services giving the customer assurance that they will get excellent service.


Bitblender is one of the oldest services in the blending market.

The announcement that Bitblender was made by the founder who said that Bitcoin was originally created to be used without anonymity just like we use cash.

The service which is in operation since 2014 mixed over 10,000 BTC monthly before it become one and only after closed.

The release stated, “Despite the huge profit we earn, we are closing our activity,” explains Bitmixer. founder

The Bitmixer operator presents the idea that Bitcoin being based on the blockchain was inherently made to be an open book accessible to all.

Although there are indications that the mixer closed due to pressure from regulators, the founder said that is not the case. He announced that their servers are hosted in located that do not support Bitcoin as currency and that as privacy experts they knew how to remain anonymous and free from prosecution.

In denying that the government is behind its closure, the Bitmixer post reads, “It is important that you understand my position. I really revised my view about Bitcoin as a transparent system. Bitcoin has no future with drug/weapon traffic or any other illegal activity. This is my point”

Whatever is the reason, the Bitcoin community will miss one of its top blending services. Granted, there always would be criminal elements following digital currencies just the way they follow money. There also are users that have no association with illegally acquired funds.


Chipmixer is another bitcoin mixer that has been growing in popularity. The mixer has a unique way of dissociating the input coins from the output by creating addresses that are unique to specific transactions.

In its ANN Thread, the Chipmixer wrote, “ChipMixer creates Bitcoin addresses (chips) and funds them with specific sizes. There are chips with 0.001 BTC, 0.002 BTC, 0.004 BTC and so on till 4.096 BTC. When you deposit your Bitcoins, you receive same amount in chips. For example you deposit 0.112 BTC and you receive 0.064 + 0.032 + 0.016. Each chip was funded before your deposit, so there is no link between them and your deposit on blockchain. They are already anonymous. With each chip, you receive its private key, so you can spend them any time you want.”

Although Chipmixer has not as much positive reviews as older mixers, it is among the reliable blenders in the industry.

Bitcoin Mixers Will Continue to Be Relevant

In conclusion, RichardsNY made a post on Bitcointalk regarding blending services and why we need them, according to him, buying your coins from an exchange means they are not anonymous since you submitted some personal information to the exchange.

“Bitcoin isn’t anonymous at all, and especially not when it comes to the majority of the people. In most cases people buy their first coins from an exchange, where in current times account verification is a must, so all the coins they withdraw from that exchange, will have their personal information attached to them.”

No one likes the fact that their funds are in the open domain where anyone can follow or trace them back to the owner. This need to anonymize is the reason Bitcoin mixers will continue to thrive.

 It is easy to have people blame Bitcoin for their woes especially when the threat is associated with the dark web. The reality is that crypto criminals have preference for privacy coins and Bitcoin is not among them.

One way or the other, bitcoin mixers will continue to be important component in protecting the privacy of bitcoin users.