It is necessary to prove the trustworthiness of services before employing them for your bitcoin blending. This holds true in all services offered on the internet just as same is applicable offline. In this article, we shall be looking at the top 3 oldest and most trusted services called bitcoin mixer. The essence is to analyze those bitcoin mixing services that have been in business for some time and proven to be reliable. Knowing the most trusted bitcoin mixers will protect you from the risk posed by the many bitcoin tumbling scams on the internet. Even among the legitimate tumbling […]

Digital Currency Group (DCG) today announced a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Inc., that enables enterprises to better leverage the value of blockchain technology. Blockchain – also known as distributed ledger technology (DLT) – has seen a significant amount of interest and investment from financial institutions, insurance companies, and enterprise technology companies. This collaboration enables blockchain providers to work with their corporate customers more efficiently by providing an accessible, secure platform that facilitates experimentation with this technology on the AWS Cloud. Removing Friction from Experimentation The collaboration aims to make experimentation with blockchain frictionless for both consumers of blockchain […]

When we first announced the formation of Digital Currency Group in October 2015, we were joined by a terrific group of investors who were eager to explore the nascent bitcoin and blockchain technology ecosystem. At Digital Currency Group, we build and support bitcoin and blockchain companies through our network, insights and access to capital. Over the past year, our portfolio has grown to encompass 70 companies spanning 22 countries and we now operate three wholly-owned subsidiaries including CoinDesk, a media and events platform we acquired in January 2016. New Investors We are proud to announce that over the past six months both our firm and […]

Co-written with Brett Bivens and Matt Preuss at, with support from the DCG Family of Companies and the Visible team. Building a successful business in an existing market with well understood technology and a defined customer-base is very difficult. Building something in a nascent market, like bitcoin or blockchain technology, that has a history of poor public perception, technology that challenges long-held, deeply entrenched beliefs, and attracts competitors of all sizes — from nimble startups to financial industry insiders to the banks themselves – is even harder. Deploying Capital Effectively: The DCG Story Digital Currency Group is a company that builds […]

*Note: These insights were compiled by Meltem Demirors, who is an employee of DCG. They do not reflect DCG’s position on these issues, and are intended to provide context in an objective manner. The team at DCG certainly has thoughts on the issue of scaling bitcoin and achieving technical and non-technical consensus within the bitcoin community. One thing we all agree on is that it’s certainly been a bit of a show for those outside who are looking in, but we strongly feel there is less contention around bitcoin, the development of the protocol, and the direction of its future […]

This post was written by Michael Sonnenshein, Director of Sales and Business Development for Grayscale, and featured on on Monday, Nov. 30, where Michael is a contributor. Read the original story here. Bitcoin, the dominant digital currency that’s making its way onto the board room agendas of Fortune 500 companies and into the portfolios of average investors, is poised to have a big 2016. Since emerging as a niche trading instrument in 2009, bitcoin has garnered significant media attention (more often than not, negative attention). While weathering a barrage of bad headlines, the bitcoin ecosystem has grown, attracting more than $1 billion in venture-capital funding […]

Digital Currency Group Launches, Announces Fundraise

As you may have seen, last week it was announced that my first company, SecondMarket Solutions, was sold to NASDAQ. As that chapter ended, another one has begun. I am excited to announce the formal launch of my next company, Digital Currency Group, and our first round of funding. Formation Digital Currency Group was formed earlier this year when two businesses built under the SecondMarket parent company – Genesis Global Trading, the leading bitcoin OTC trading firm, and Grayscale Investments, a digital currency asset management firm that manages the publicly traded Bitcoin Investment Trust (Symbol: GBTC) – were combined with a diversified, broad portfolio of […]